There are many times, things are always two-fold. Good and bad, black and white can be a perfect match, also can be enemy at same time.

Today is a boring day but caring because can have a simple and warm day with housemate to cook meal and just chit chat all the way.

This few days, some incidents and something that i regret to did with out of control until feel "sorry"this words is useless. But it really success to make me realize about i really got a big change after my secondary until now.
I had been go through the moment that got high self-confidence, lost confidence till like no one,like dance, lost attraction for continue dancing, be a non-drinker till to be a drinker but depends on mood and condition, a talkativeness girl turn to silence and even sometime easy to get emo girl, full of imagination mind turn to blank mind.and many more.

im not even change from psyco even outlook also change much that i found today with my photo.

this few day im so silent on myself.
silent is a hint to me to recharge and make a new change to myself.

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