family snack

Mum's cook

My sandwich creation...haha

Butterworth trip with friends May 2009

1. Auto City

hang out at Seoul Garden which is an restaurant for steamboat

a beautiful auto city..

2. Sunway Carnival

a little sleeping beauty

thai festival store

our driver on that

actually that day we also went for a movie, Terminator ...
but all of us cant really understand
what is was about the time line and story line..
it quite confusing

A month of Little cousin born

Long time didnt met this kind of food for celebrated after a child born a month.
this consist of yellowish rice with curry chicken , ang ku kuih(my favorite)
and sure will with the red boil egg with symbolically.

Family Car happened 2009

Penang trip with friends - May 2009

Penang bridge view

Massage day with soo hui

Coffee Bean with new friend...

Soo Hui & me dream's room

Crazy talented singer king & queen...

but actually is wanna to celebrated for who is passing his exam
that seat hide beside Sing King..

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