21.11.09 TimesSquare & Jln Alor

This weekend actually i should just hide myself into my room to get a good rest.
unfortunately, i failed to do so.
That's was damn damn bored.
I wasn't a really bad luck girl.
i got my friends...

This Sat, i do what im dream to...
I went to Jln Alor& Times Square with XinMei, KokWah, BiBi, Alvin
and the best part is we walk along the street to Jln Alor.
The feel on it was the best and i wish that i got my own DSLR at that moment.
we just like a group of foreigner same as others.
we jokes, chit chat all the ways.

Times Square also quite happening...
Cosmo World, Digi & a batik creation competition also being held at there.

Cosmo World guy.

I think no need to notice anything that we sure know that is yellow theme for Digi.
There got a huge headset in the middle way.

Piala Seri Endon 2009
It's quite nice that i saw 1 of the contestant was applying batik into japan traditional wear.

we went to this stall.the auntie beside this is the "tao kei sou"
suddenly i remember that i had been here before.
besides, the curry fish head at here is nice in my mind.
unluckily, the guy was quick from here already.

U guess what this??
ugly? u will regret to say it ugly when u try it.
is so so ..mucks..!

our main entree for our dinner at here.--spicy razor clam
the awesome is the size of each razor clam is so huge,
is tall like my extender hardisk.

Dun look it was so fresh and green and it mean not spicy.
it's the most hottest in our table.
I promise is more hot and spicy than green chili.

we was asking another kind of stuff with is same ingredient with this d.
its was salted egg fried sotong.
the 1 that i had before in bangsar wasn't look like that.
but we didn;t regret to know this new stuff.
it nice..!!even it look a bit weird at here.

this was the normal guys will ask to serve for dinner.hot pan tofu

before we almost start to be a animals to grab all the food on our table,
this reggae guy was suddenly appear behind me..
his sound was so so nice till i can suggest him go to any 1 of cafe and gain money..
y not!!

kokwah, xinmei


this is the golden star at the end..
finally i saw a mannequin which is in gold in front of me..!!
the fellow beside this mannequin guy was jokes that it come from "旧金山“

haha..that's how my sat gone...and end with the fun in Jln alor.
Im promise will be there again with soo hui and i'm waiting she
amazing is she is really already bought the ticket and come to here by tomoro..
my mum also will be here at 4th sept.
but i have to make sure my room, car is in very clean condition!!


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