Movie Review:

Release date:December 15, 2000 - United States
Type: Love / Drama / Comedy
Novel Writter: Joanne Harris
Main actor: Juliette Binoche .....Vianne Rocher

I watched this movie last few day ago.
after watch this, it really succeed to gain up my appetite towards choc.
thank god, i just had my dinner.
if not, i guess that i sure will just go to the shop at down stair just for choc!

The story outline:
In 1959, a mysterious outsider
Vianne Rocher with her daughter,Arnaud reached to a rural town in France with bring along a wave of enthusiasm when the Carnival's footsteps is nearby.
They rent a double-storey house to be their choc shop which is opposite the church.

The taste of Choc that being produced by her , just like her kind of passionate and incancellabile.
She just like a magician. The only different is she make and play the magic with choc. She also as a soul reader that can discern a small town where everyone mind and to make the best match choc to fullfill their need and desires. The town had been transform and change because her arrive.

Even the movie is old, but i like it.
it s was like a side dish or snack food.

its make me think of Valentine day on the coming soon year..
it was exactly hit the 1st day of CNY.
There will be a lot of argument between couples..but hope not..



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